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Better Education for Kids (B4K)
advocates for the policy and political environment to ensure high quality educational opportunities for all kids throughout New Jersey.

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Zip codes should not determine the quality of a child’s education. B4K’s core belief is that all students, regardless of where they live, deserve the same high quality teachers and instruction, and the same opportunity for a successful future.

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Supreme Court decision in Janus deals blow to nation’s teachers unions

Jun 27, 2018 Matt Barnum – Chalkbeat

Teachers unions absorbed a deep but expected blow on Wednesday from the nation's highest court.The 5-4 ruling in the case, Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, means that states and school districts will no longer be able to require their employees to pay negotiating fees to the unions that bargain on their ...

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Fine Print: School-funding changes easily pass Senate and Assembly

Jun 22, 2018 John Mooney – NJSpotlight.com

What it is: Led by Democratic majorities, Senate Bill 2 and Assembly Bill 2 easily passed each chamber yesterday, making significant changes over both the short and long term to how and how much New Jersey provides in aid to its public schools. What the bill would do: The measure would provide addit...

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Better Education

Better Education Institute is a non-profit that supports the empowerment of families throughout New Jersey by providing beneficial programs and resources to communities that face educational and economic challenges.

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